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Jun. 10th, 2011 05:53 pm
rikasaurus: (Motonari__USELESS. ALL OF YOU. FREAKING)
Yesterday I almost got in a car accident because this guy turned out of a neighborhood way too soon. I was literally inches away from hitting him. And what's crazier is that, instead of continuing to drive, the guy STOPPED in the middle of his turn. Must have been a deer-in-headlights kind of thing. But, goodness. You'd think he would have looked both ways, and if I hit him, it would have been his fault (that and the front of my car would have looked really bad). Needless to say, no harm was done, though I was literally shaking 5 minutes after it was over.

Then, today, I almost ran over our neighbor's chihuahua. This is why you should keep your dog in your yard instead of letting it roam freely like it's a cat :| Might be a terrible thing to say, but if someone really does hit it, it really wouldn't be a surprise to me since it's always running out into the street.

BUT ON THE UPSIDE, I finally got my hands on Dynasty Warriors 7 for PS3, and, so far, I think Lu Bu is a life ruiner. Maybe that'll change, but for now, oh my god.

OH YEAH DC. DC IS RUINING EVERYTHING. IF THEY WANTED TO BRING BACK THE 90s, THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IT RIGHT INSTEAD OF DOING WHATEVER THIS IS. /too lazy to dig up more links. But, I will say I am actually looking forward to the Red Hood and the Ginger Snaps Outlaws, Static, and Blue Beetle books, though.


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