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You know it is. [livejournal.com profile] kopin , [livejournal.com profile] rise_kujikawa , and I are the sexy teeth trio.

I think my mind is cleansed of that horrible movie, now.

Guys, today....well, yesterday, I wanted to set fire to my school okay not really. The staff made me Photobucket in real life. I was so mad I could have spontaneously combusted and was afraid to actually drive home because my mind was not where it should be but I obviously made it back safely. Won't bore you with the details, but basically, they wasted two hours of my time, telling me the same crap over and over when it turned out they didn't know what the hell they were talking about. And they ended up giving me the wrong information because they didn't know what else to tell me. I'm really tired of going to this school. Depending on how fast the classes fill up next semester, I don't have much longer until I can transfer, and I cannot wait. I truly do not want to go here anymore.

lmao I actually tried to rp because the meme was pretty hilarious. it made me ship Ryohei/Makoto. /waits for another meme like this to pop up.

In news of the fighter fag type, I guess I'm, like, the only one that's happy to hear that both Yun and Yang are 'allegedly' confirmed in the third Super Street Fighter IV rehash. Yeah, I said rehash. Basically everyone's like 'BAWW THEY PLAY THE SAME', 'WE ALREADY HAVE RUFUS', 'I'D RATHER HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH', 'IT SHOULD BE YUN WITH YANG AS HIS PARTNER LIKE IN CVS2', 'BOO WASTE OF TWO CHARACTER SPACES', 'ADDING THEM WAS REDUNDANT', etc etc. Uh....Well. What about all them shotoclones? In b4 well some of them are the main characters and SF wouldn't be SF without them. :| This game needs more Karin and Sean and Remy.

And oh yeah guys. Check out the misuse of the word weeaboo. lol. But at least he corrected himself, I'll give him that.

Brother told me be bought SSFIV for his 360....again. It seems I'll never get to play this because his 360's at his friend's house and it's been there for the last 3 days, so I couldn't play Blazblue, either :| The world does not want me to play SSFIV, I swear. But Harvest Moon has been keeping me entertained, at least. I love these games as much as I love fighting games hahaha.

I don't have a lot to say about Bleach or Reborn this week, except spoilers, I guess. ).

Err, lastly, have a meme.
THE relationship MEME !

And I'm done. 'Sup, guys?

Edit - Oh. KOF Skystage dubbed in English! Take that take that take that!

Edit edit - Self. Learn to proofread.


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